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Wayne Lombardo

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Nick and Anncarol Oliver

This page contains the latest news of interest to our members and as always - visitors are welcome. Included is the schedule of activities along with a link to the full council calendar.

Be sure to read the section titled "Latest News" as it contains the most recent information important to all members. We also include a setcion highlighting awards presentetd to members. Feel free to explore - there's lots to see, read and learn.

Coming Events

A quick look at the planned activities.

Sat Fall Quarterly State Council Meeting, GK-DGK-Chancellor-PGK (Frederickburg, VA)
Neptune Festival Parade (4th Deg Color Corps)
Sat Officers Meeting, 7pm in SJA school library
Sat Men's CRHP
Mon Admissions Cmte. Mtg, 7:00pm in SJA Library
Columbus Day, (fly the flag   american_flag (1K))
Tue Council Business Meeting (Rosary @ 7:00PM, Meeting @ 7:30PM)
Flu shots prior to meeting for those who pre-registered
Thur Navy Birthday, (fly the flag   american_flag (1K))
Fri Last day to Register to Vote
Sat koc1-tiny (1K)  3rd Degree - SJA, 11:00 AM Start (10:00 AM Show)
Sun Parish Breakfast
Tue Knights Nite Out (6:30pm) Location TBD
Tue Council Social Mtg (Jacqueline Hawkins of ProLife Ministries on Campus)
Wed   Assembly 1505 Business Mtg,(Pope Leo XIII Council 10804) at Holy Family Catholic church, 7:00pm
Sun 5th Sunday Rosary @ SJA Fr. Gaughan grotto
November 2016
Tue cross-small (1K)  All Saints Day (Holy day of obligation)
Thur Officers Meeting, 7pm in SJA school library
Sat   4th Degree Exemplification in Richmond
Special Olympics
SJA Council to serve contestants dinner
Sat-Sun KCIC Christmas Card sales at all Masses
Mon Admissions Cmte. Mtg, 7:00pm in SJA Library
Tue Election Day, (fly the flag   american_flag (1K))
Council Business Meeting (Rosary @ 7:00PM, Meeting @ 7:30PM)
Thur Marine Corp Birthday, (fly the flag   american_flag (1K))
Fri Veterans Day - observed, (fly the flag   american_flag (1K))
SJA Veterans Day Mass and school flag raising
Sat Veterans Day dinner at SJA cafeteria
Sat-Sun KCIC Christmas Card sales at all Masses
Tue Knights Nite Out - TBD, 6:30pm
Sun Parish Breakfast after all Masses
Sat-Sun KCIC Christmas Card sales at all Masses
Tue Annual Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service
NO social meeting this month
Thur Hapy Thanksgiving
Sat-Sun KCIC Christmas Card sales at all Masses
Sun Advent begins
Wed   Assembly 1505 Business Mtg,


Knights Nite-Out

Posted by: Jack Shick
Each month we gather on the 3rd Tuesday in an informal, casual manner to enjoy an evening of comradery over good food. Due to the Parish Picnic on the 18th, we have cancelled the dinner for September. Check back later for the October location.

Latest News

News of general interest to members
Most recent items of interest...
    All Catholic students in public, private, and parochial schools grades 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 are invited to participate in the 2016 Knights of Columbus Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest. Students are encouraged to write a 500 to 750 word essay on the theme of "The Importance of Religious Freedom".

    Read more here...

  • Whether at home or abroad, charity is our Order's first principle and the basis for all we do as brother Knights. It is the tangible way that we live out that spirit of fraternity and "missionary discipleship" to which Pope Francis has called us. Here are two good ways to lend your support:



  • The next Fourth Degree Exemplification is November 4-6, 2016. If you are planning to attend and have not let FN Earl Reid know, please do so. If you are attending please provide the following information:

    Wife is/is not attending
    Wife will/will not attend the Ladies luncheon
    You will/will not be an escort during the Exemplification
    You and your wife are/are not attending the banquet

    If you need the District Master's letter with information on the Exemplification, please inform Earl.

  • Flu shots, etc will once again be available prior to the October business meeting for all Brothers and their immediate families who pre-registered. Please refer to the email sent by Kevin Cassidy for details about enrolling.

  • Brian Avery announced that between 5,000 and 6,000 pounds of food items were collected and distributed to the various local food pantries. Thanks to all those who contributed.

  • Our council was awarded the "Top Gun" award. Congratulations to PGK Ted Quinter for his leadership in attaining this award.

  • Council was awarded the "State Deputy Award for 2015-16"

  • Council was also awarded the "Outstanding Council Website for 2015-16"

  • Lew Cabral reports that the Baby Bottle campaign was a great success raising over $4,600.00 dollars in donations.

  • The SJA Degree Cerimonial Team is currently seeking someone to fill the slots for the "Cerimonial GK" and the "Team Captain"

  • The next time you attend mass, be sure to check out the display wall for our councill located just inside the main entrance of the school.

  • The Breakfast team is in need of 3-4 additional regular, early volunteers in the kitchen (6:00am). Once again please contact the Grand Knight or Deputy Grand Knight .

  • The "Christmas Creche" project has been renamed and repurposed. It will be referred to as the "Future Parish Support Fund" in the next budget and funds will be dispersed as directed by the GK and Trustees to help support the parish.

  • A perputual plaque has beed authorized listing all PGK's and will be displayed on the council wall area.

  • Brothers Ted Quinter and Andy Bair are soliciting membres to join them on the Admissions Committee. They would like to have a core group of 7 Brothers of which 3 would meet to conduct interviews on a rotating basis. The committee meets once a month to conduct interviews of prospective new members. Please consider spending an hour or less each month for this important task.

  • Previous items of interest...
    • Doug Dykman is accepting donations of gently used clothing for both men and women to be donated to the "Beach House Program". Please be generous.

    • Council of Life Director, Lew Cabral, reminds everyone that our Council's allotted time slot is 1-2pm every Monday in front of Planned Parenthood on Newtown Rd. Please join members of SJA and other parishes in the effort to halt abortions.

    • If you are heading a program or project that needs funding from this years budget. Please complete the proper forms and submit them to the Grand Knight prior to your event. The necessary forms can be found on the "Forms and Documents" page.

    • If you have any announcements or messages that you would like included in the Council Newsletter and/or Parish Quarterly Newsletter, please have them submitted no later than the month preceeding the publication of the newsletters.


Degree Recepients

Posted by: GK Andy Bair
1st Degree Recepients:

Congratulations to our newest Brothers on completing the 1st degree.

anthony-ciatiti (44K)
Anthony Ciatiti

adam-peshah (55K)
Adam Peshau

paul-borkowski (51K)
Paul Borkowski


Website Awarded "Site of the Year"

Posted by: Ted Quinter
Council 13467 was honored to receive the "Outstanding Council Website for 2015-16". The webmaster would like to thank all the Brothers of Council 13467 for their dedication and hard work that made this award possible.

2015-16-website-award (228K)


State Deputy Award

Posted by: Ted Quinter
Council 13467 was also honored to receive the "State Deputy Award for 2015-16".

2015-16-state-deputy-award (215K)


Happy Birthday

The next time you see one of these Knights, be sure to wish them a Happy Birthday.

Theron (TJ) Bogan
Brian S Corallo
Raymond R Fertucci
Dennis E Free
George F Gonsalves
William D Gray
Joseph F Grillo
Mark E Gronski
Doug H Guevara
David L Hingerty
Craig M Hudgins
John H Hunt
Arthur T Mahoney
John F Markham
James R Novelli
James M Palmiere
Richard R Paradis
Stephen M Quaile
Manuel A Ramos
Christopher A Roberto
Shawn M Scharf
Adam Siebor
Joshua R Sulecki
Nolan D Villarin
Gary Q Williams


2015-16 State of the Council Report

Posted by: PGK Ted Quinter
At the Awards Dinner, outgoing GK Ted Quinter presented a informative recap of the Council's activities.

The entire report (in PDF format) can be read here. here.

Event Reports

Posted by: GK Ted Quinter
Written Report for Business Meetings
Please provide written copies of your reports for each business meeting via email to the Recorder If possible this would be best done in advance. If not in advance, please submit to him by Friday of the week of the Tuesday business meeting. This facilitates much easier, faster, and more accurate compilation of the minutes. Also, please carbon copy and as well as the Program Director for your event. (Their email addresses can be found here.)

Activity Reports
In order to accurately record key information on each event/program we sponsor, all Program Directors or Event Coordinators are required to submit an Activity Report ...(sometimes refered to as an "After Action Report") as soon as the event concludes. The form can be found here. Download the PDF form, complete it and provide it to the Grand Knight and Executive Secretary >

Boxtops For Education

Posted by: John Kummers
We are collecting "Box Top$", "Labels for Education" and Farm Fresh receipts.

These programs help St. John's school purchase additional supplies that are used to help further the learning process.

Please make sure to save these items and bring them to the monthly meetings. EVERY box top, label and receipt helps!

Check out all the products that can be used here ...

View the web site for more information.

The Farm Fresh program details can be found here ...

Parish Breakfast

Posted by: Ray Kotwasinski
Third Sunday of Every Month, 8:30am–12:30

Cost is $6 ages 8 and up, Children 7 and under eat free

Come join us for a great breakfast and fellowship in the SJA School Cafeteria
- or -
lend a hand in the kitchen or dining room to help make it all happen.
  • scrambled eggs
  • bacon and sausage
  • tater tots
  • biscuits/gravy
  • juice, coffee, hot tea
  • donuts, fruit cocktail
  • and friendship!
  • Bring your appetite, family, and friends!

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    Here's a Link to a biography on Saint John the Apostle.

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