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Wayne Lombardo

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Nick and Anncarol Oliver

This page contains the latest news of interest to our members and as always - visitors are welcome. Included is the schedule of activities along with a link to the full council calendar.

Be sure to read the section titled "Latest News" as it contains the most recent information important to all members. We also include a setcion highlighting awards presentetd to members. Feel free to explore - there's lots to see, read and learn.

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Coming Events

A quick look at the planned activities.

May 2017
Thur Officers Meeting, 7pm in SJA school library
cross-small (1K)  National Day of Prayer
Fri Knights Night at the Movies, Ignatius of Loyola, 6:30pm at the Va. Beach Aquarium
Fri-Sun Sate Council Annual Meeting and Convention, Williamsburg, Va.
Mon Admissions Cmte. Mtg, 7:00pm in SJA Library
Tue Council Business Meeting (Rosary @ 7:00PM, Meeting @ 7:30PM)
Sun Mothers Day
Baby Bottle Drive
Tue Knights Nite Out, 6:30pm, Lucky Oyster Restaurant read more here  
Sat Armed Forces Day, (fly the flag)   american_flag (1K)
  Assembly 1505 Ladies Recognition Dinner, Holy Family, following 5:30pm Mass
Sun Parish Breakfast after all Masses
State Free Throw Competition (St Gertrude HS, Richmond, VA)
Tue cross-small (1K)  Holy Family Prayer Service
Wed Strawberry Festival Crew Meeting, 6:30pm, SJA Cafeteria
  Assembly 1505 Business Mtg, Fr. Habets hall, 7:00pm, at Habets Hall
Thur cross-small (1K)  Feast of the Ascension, (Holy Day of Obligation)
Fri Strawberry Festival Parking Lot Crew/Leader Final Preparations, Location and time TBD
Sat Strawberry Festival Parking Lot Project, 8:30am - 6:30pm
Sun Strawberry Festival Parking Lot Project, 8:30am - 6:30pm
Mon american_flag (1K)  Memorial Day, fly the flag half staff till noon
Gravesite flag visits, 8:30am
June 2017
Sun cross-small (1K)  Pentecost Sunday
Thu Officers Meeting, 7pm in SJA school library
Sat Altar server recognition party
Mon Admissions Cmte. Mtg, 7:00pm in SJA Library
Tue kofc1-tiny  Council Business Meeting (Rosary @ 7:00PM, Meeting @ 7:30PM)
Wed american_flag (1K)  Flag Day, fly the flag
Thur kofc1-tiny  Awards night/Annual PGK Dinner, 6:30pm
Sat kofc1-tiny  1st Degree @ St. John's, 9am
kofc1-tiny  2nd Degree @ St. John's, 10:15am
Sun Parish Breakfast after all Masses
Fathers Day
Tue Knights Nite Out, 6:30pm, Location to be determined
Wed   Assembly 1505 Business Mtg 7:00pm at St. Marks in Kempsville


Knights Night at the Movies

Posted by: Andy Bair
May 5th is only a month away and that's when the Knights of Columbus Council 13467 will present the 4th annual Parish Night at the Movies event, showing Ignatius of Loyola at the Virginia Beach Aquarium.

Tickets are being sold before and after after each mass at St John the Apostle. There are a limited number of seats available for this showing, so get your tickets early.

Tickets are $10 each adult and $5 for children age 12 and under. Showtime is 7pm, doors open at 6:30, see you there!

Knights Nite-Out

Posted by: Jeff Goodchild
Each month we gather on the 3rd Tuesday in an informal, casual manner to enjoy an evening of comradery over good food. On May 16 we will meet at Lucky Oyster, 2165 General Booth Blvd #154, Va. Beach

To make sure the resturant has adequate seating for our group we need to provide a head count prior to the event.

Please RSVP to     with the number of guests you will be bringing not later than the Saturday prior to the dinner.

2017-18 Officer and Program Director Opportunities

Posted by: Ted Quinter
Once again it is time to select the next slate of Officers and Program Directors for the new fraternl year. If you would like to take a more acvtive role in what we do and how we do them, then please consider volunteering for one of the vacant positions.

The explanations of positions, and the names of those accepting nominations or proposed appointments are shown in the spreadsheet. The blocks filled with yellow are repeat programs that we have an urgent need to fill with as many different and new program chairmen as possible. Those blocks filled with green are possible new programs that could be considered, if someone would step forward and express a desire to chair them. These are opportunities to get both new and "experienced" Brothers to take an actively role in the council.

Some positions are for the fraternal year while other positions are more of a one-time effort. Either way, examine the list of openings and offer your services where you have an interest.

The latest list can be found here ...   2017-18-nominations

For questions and especially to volunteer, please contact

Latest News

News of general interest to members
Most recent items of interest...

  • The 2017-18 budget will be proposed and discussed at the May business meeting and voted on at the June meeting.

  • Next years slate of officers is being assembled and there are only a few spots still open. If you are interested in serving your council, please contact as soon as possible.

  • The installation ceremony for the 2017-18 officers will take place on July 15, 2017 immediately following the 5:30pm Mass at SJA (approx. 6:30pm).

  • Once again, Council 13467 is proud to receive the State Deputy's Award for 2016-17

  • KOVAR Chairman Art Hill announced that the council exceeded its goal by raising $7900 dollars in donations. Art sends his gratitudes to all those Brothers who made this possible.

  • Food for Families chairman, Brian Avery announced that we collected over 8,000 pomuds of food for distribution to the food panties.

  • Discussion concerning the formation of a 4th Degree Assembly at St. John's has been tabled.

  • Here is a golden opportunity for our members to get involved in.
    1. Breakfast Chairman - organize and lead the monthly family breakfast effort. Please contact Doug Dyckman or the Grand Knight to volunteer your services.

  • Fr. Rob has requested the Knights support to finish the SJA Playbround Paroject. Paul Beni will lead the effort. More information later.

  • Welcoming Committee - Resolution Passed to establish Welcoming Committee. Committee will focus on helping new Knights to get involved and feel welcomed, as well as encourage their progression from 1st to 3rd degree. Need 3-5 people and must be 3rd degree in good standing.

  • Whether at home or abroad, charity is our Order's first principle and the basis for all we do as brother Knights. It is the tangible way that we live out that spirit of fraternity and "missionary discipleship" to which Pope Francis has called us. Here are two good ways to lend your support:



  • Our council was awarded the "Top Gun" award. Congratulations to PGK Ted Quinter for his leadership in attaining this award.

  • Council was awarded the " State Deputy Award for 2015-16"

  • Council was also awarded the "Outstanding Council Website for 2015-16"

  • Lew Cabral reports that the next Baby Bottle campaign is slated for May 14. Last years campaign was a great success raising over $4,600.00 dollars in donations.

  • The SJA Degree Cerimonial Team is currently seeking someone to fill the slots for the "Cerimonial GK" and the "Team Captain"

  • The next time you attend mass, be sure to check out the display wall for our councill located just inside the main entrance of the school.

  • The Breakfast team is in need of 3-4 additional regular, early volunteers in the kitchen (6:00am). Once again please contact the Grand Knight or Deputy Grand Knight .

  • The "Christmas Creche" project has been renamed and repurposed. It will be referred to as the "Future Parish Support Fund" in the next budget and funds will be dispersed as directed by the GK and Trustees to help support the parish.

  • A perputual plaque has beed authorized listing all PGK's and will be displayed on the council wall area.

  • Brothers Ted Quinter and Andy Bair are soliciting membres to join them on the Admissions Committee. They would like to have a core group of 7 Brothers of which 3 would meet to conduct interviews on a rotating basis. The committee meets once a month to conduct interviews of prospective new members. Please consider spending an hour or less each month for this important task.

  • Previous items of interest...
    • Doug Dykman is accepting donations of gently used clothing for both men and women to be donated to the "Beach House Program". Please be generous.

    • Council of Life Director, Lew Cabral, reminds everyone that our Council's allotted time slot is 1-2pm every Monday in front of Planned Parenthood on Newtown Rd. Please join members of SJA and other parishes in the effort to halt abortions.

    • If you are heading a program or project that needs funding from this years budget. Please complete the proper forms and submit them to the Grand Knight prior to your event. The necessary forms can be found on the "Forms and Documents" page.

    • If you have any announcements or messages that you would like included in the Council Newsletter and/or Parish Quarterly Newsletter, please have them submitted no later than the month preceeding the publication of the newsletters.


Degree Recepients

Posted by: GK Andy Bair
April 2017 Knight of the Month:


Paul Beni

April 2017 Family of the Month:


Joe Connelly accepting on behalf of he and Jean

4th Degree Recipient:

St John the Apostle Council 13467 had one of its own join the ranks of those in the Patriotic 4th degree as a member of Fr Habets Assembly 1505 on 1 April 2017 in Manassas, VA. If you see Brother Carl Koonce, please congratulate him on his advancement to 4th degree. Shown below is Carl on the left with Fr Habets Assembly's Faithful Navigator, Earl Reid on the right.

4th degree-carl-koonce

Sir Knight Carl Koonce

3rd Degree Recipient:


Rob Candler

1st Degree Recipient:


Richard Lutowski


Website Awarded "Site of the Year"

Posted by: Ted Quinter
Council 13467 was honored to receive the "Outstanding Council Website for 2015-16". The webmaster would like to thank all the Brothers of Council 13467 for their dedication and hard work that made this award possible.

2015-16-website-award (228K)


State Deputy Award

Posted by: Ted Quinter
Council 13467 was also honored to receive the "State Deputy Award for 2015-16".

2015-16-state-deputy-award (215K)


Happy Birthday

The next time you see one of these Knights, be sure to wish them a Happy Birthday.

01 - Reynaldo A Galang
02 - Robert (Bob) E Cleary
02 - Emilio A Digioia
02 - Louis J Sally
03 - Matthew "Wayne" Abbott
03 - John (Conrad) L Domingo
03 - Douglas D Dyckman
03 - Kevin J Riedel
05 - Richard (Ric) Carmazino
07 - Charles J Palmer
07 - Jonathan A Perez
09 - Robert "Brett" Bell
09 - Duane E Heidler
10 - Paul A. Beni
10 - Chad M. Sawyer
11 - Joseph J Peanamanda
16 - Chad T Boser
19 - Jay R Huston
23 - Louis E Giordano
23 - Matthew V Plourde
27 - Herbert N Glaser
28 - Frank W Solosky
29 - James G Ash
29 - John W Lynch
29 - Kenneth J Piel
30 - Joshua A Rutledge


2015-16 State of the Council Report

Posted by: PGK Ted Quinter
At the Awards Dinner, outgoing GK Ted Quinter presented a informative recap of the Council's activities.

The entire report (in PDF format) can be read here. here.

Event Reports

Posted by: GK Ted Quinter
Written Report for Business Meetings
Please provide written copies of your reports for each business meeting via email to the Recorder If possible this would be best done in advance. If not in advance, please submit to him by Friday of the week of the Tuesday business meeting. This facilitates much easier, faster, and more accurate compilation of the minutes. Also, please carbon copy and as well as the Program Director for your event. (Their email addresses can be found here.)

Activity Reports
In order to accurately record key information on each event/program we sponsor, all Program Directors or Event Coordinators are required to submit an Activity Report ...(sometimes refered to as an "After Action Report") as soon as the event concludes. The form can be found here. Download the PDF form, complete it and provide it to the Grand Knight and Executive Secretary >

Boxtops For Education

Posted by: John Kummers
We are collecting "Box Top$", "Labels for Education" and Farm Fresh receipts.

These programs help St. John's school purchase additional supplies that are used to help further the learning process.

Please make sure to save these items and bring them to the monthly meetings. EVERY box top, label and receipt helps!

Check out all the products that can be used here ...

View the web site for more information.

The Farm Fresh program details can be found here ...

Parish Breakfast

Posted by: Ray Kotwasinski
Third Sunday of Every Month, 8:30am–12:30

Cost is $6 ages 8 and up, Children 7 and under eat free

Come join us for a great breakfast and fellowship in the SJA School Cafeteria
- or -
lend a hand in the kitchen or dining room to help make it all happen.
  • scrambled eggs
  • bacon and sausage
  • tater tots
  • biscuits/gravy
  • juice, coffee, hot tea
  • donuts, fruit cocktail
  • and friendship!
  • Bring your appetite, family, and friends!

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