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Council History Page

This page documents the beginnings of Council 13467. Included are the charter members and officers and some photos of the charter presentation.


Council 13467 became the newest council of the Knights of Columbus on February 24, 2004. We began with 78 Brothers committing to the formation and volunteering to serve in key positions. Below is a list of both charter members and officers. Thanks to their foresight and commitment to the Knights of Columbus fraternity, we continue to enjoy a successful existence in service to our parish and community.

Our first year was a short one since we received our charter on February 24, 2004 at the presentation meeting. Having gotten our "feet wet" as the saying goes, we hit the streets running in July with a more complete series of programs and events. Activities included parish and community programs as well as support for Knights of Columbus state and supreme programs.

We were blessed to have the support of our pastor, Fr. Tom Mattingly along with Dave Smith and Dennis Atkins who stepped up to the plate as our Grand Knight and Deputy Grand Knight, respectively. Under their able guidance, we were able to establish a strong beginning to build our future on.

Presentation of the charter

Recorded February 24, 2004

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Charter Officers

Charter Officers
Grand Knight Dave Smith
Chaplain Fr. Thomas Mattingly
Deputy Grand Knight Dennis Atkins
Chancellor Mel Pritchard
Recorder Kenneth Diedrich
Financial Secretary Charles Cline
Treasurer R. Brett Bell
Lecturer Randy Smith
Advocate Dave Roddy
Warden Brian Saint John Burns
Inside Guard Paul Hastings
Inside Guard Robert Labuda
Outside Guard Raymond Hart
3-Year Trustee PGK Sheb Abi-Nader
2-Year Trustee PGK Charles Schirra
1-Year Trustee Deacon Vernon Krajeski

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Charter Members

Charter Members
Robert E. Albertini Stephen Magula
Fredrick W. Beckman James W. Marchioni
Richard R. Bojo John Martinolich
John D. Boyce PGK Richard E. McCarrahar
Theodore Brackman William P. McCuen
Murray J. Casey Frank V. Monti
Kevin G. Cassidy James K. Mueller
Robert A. Catalano Richard B. Murphy
Tim Cortes John F. Narducci
Jerals J. Csenar Richard R. Paradis
Richard P. Dolenuk Petter C. Perry
John W. Dora Theodore Pilon
Frank J. Driscoll Donald G. Porell
James F. Dunn William C. Pulley
Andrew J. Femiano Manual A. Ramos
Nicholas H. Graham John K. Reilly
Raymond J. Guernic Ronald L. Robinson
James J. Hartigan Eulysses R. Roldan
James E. Henderson Rafael R. Roure
Arthur R. Hill Robert R. Safford
Stanley D. Hill Louis J. Sally
Anthony R. Hill Paul M. Schiffbauer
Stephen N. Holcomb David S. Schoonover
Phillip A. Jannuzzi George P. Sorrentino
Clinton A. Johnson John G. Spear
Deacon Vincent M. Kapral Dennis M. Tobin
John P. Kearns Christopher Vega
Robert L. Keeley Patrick M. Whalen
John M. Kershersh Ross G. Winfield
Robert J. Lueken Russel L. Wycoff
Scott M. Lull Gary L. Yonke

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Additional Photos

If you have any photos (or other documents) of the charter presentation or even photos of our first years' activities, please contact the : Brother Bill Dora

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