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Community Programs


Goals for this fraternal year

Every community has its unique needs. For the Knights of Columbus, whose first principle is charity, finding ways to help those in need in their communities is a mission its members embrace. Through their good works, whether it be bringing food to the hungry, warm coats to the cold, wheelchairs to those who can't walk, or any of the many programs conducted to help those in need, the Knights of Columbus practices a charity that evangelizes.
Council 13467 strives to sponsor activities which enable each Knight to set a constant and worthy example as an ideal Catholic to his family, his community, his church and his fellow Knights.
  • Help schedule, plan, and support St. John the Apostle Catholic Schoot and PTO.
  • Support local support programs such as Beach House Clothing Drive, Habitat for Humanity, West Va. Outreach Project
  • Community events like the Polar Plunge, Catholic Family Movie Night, Special Olympics, Wheelchair Program and a wealth of othyer programs.
  • Each year we place American flags on the graves of all fallen veterans, we conduct a "Retire the Flag wirh Dignity" as a way to properly dispose of our country's symbol and conduct a Veterans Flag Rasiing and Veterans Day dinner.
  • The page index to the right lists the many programs conducted throught the year that demonstrate our heart felt community support exemplified by our Order.
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Getting Involved

    Program directors do a terrific job in developing and bringing quality programs to our members and parishioners. But they can't do it alone. If you have any ideas for future programs/events or would like to help in some capacity, please contact the Community Program Director .

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Beach House Clothing Drive

Chairman: Doug Dyckman
    "Beach House"" is a non-residential, rehabilitation program which provides services and support to adults recovering from mental illness. The Beach House follows the internationally known clubhouse model of psychosocial rehabilitation. The program provides a way for members to integrate back into the workforce. As part of the work unit, members have opportunities to establish a common bond with others, gain a foundation for future employment and strengthen their sense of belonging to the community.

    Our council program director collects donated clothing and delivers it to the Beach House for use by the members. Bring your bags of new or gently used apparel to the next business meeting where it will be promptly forwarded.
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Boxtops For Education

Chairman: John Kummers
    We are collecting "Box Top$", "Labels for Education" and Farm Fresh receipts.

    These programs help St. John's school purchase additional supplies that are used to help further the learning process.

    Please make sure to save these items and bring them to the monthly meetings. EVERY box top, label and receipt helps!

    Check out all the products that can be used here ...

    View the web site for more information.

    The Farm Fresh program details can be found here ...
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Family Movie Night

Chairman: Open
Ignatius of Loyola
The fourth annual "Parish Family Night at the Movies" is scheduled for May 5, 2017 at the Va. Aquarium.

The movie begins at 7:00pm and the doors open at 6:30pm. Tickets are $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children 12 and under.

Tickets are available in the commons after all masses.

This is the story of the memoirs of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order, a soldier, a man of vice and violence who, in his attempt to turn to the light, was forced to wrestle with his inner demons to the very brink of death.

All parishioners and their families are invited to attend this compelling movie. Get your tickets early as the theater has limited seating and was nearly sold out last year!

Please contact if you have any questions, comments or concerns. See you there.
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Habitat for Humanity

Chairmen: Open
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Memorial Day Graves Visit

Chairman: PGK/PFN Mel Pritchard
    Each Memorial Day we join our Brothers in Assembly 1505 in placing American flags on the graves of veterans, If you would like to participate or need more information you can contact .
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Polar Plunge

Chairman: Art Hill
    The main purpose is to raise funds for the Special Olympics, but participants enjoy the dip in the "cool" ocean as well.
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Retire the Flag with Dignity

Chairmen: John Kummers and John Burke
    If any Brother has a worn-out U.S. Flag, these gentlemen will collect them and donate the flags to be included in the cremation ceremony of any veteran upon his death. What better way to honor both our fallen Veterans and our country?
    If you have such a flag, please contact
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"Shoebox" Fund Raiser

Chairman: Open
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SPCA Support

Brother Frank is collecting the inserts from paper towels and even bathroom tissues for a special charity. This also includes empty medicine bottles (and other containers) which will be relabeled for use for animal medications. Also, if you have any old hand or bath towels that you would like to get out of your closet, -and- if you have any bags of shredded paper, Frank will gladly pass those along as well. Please help by dropping off all donations at any council meeting.

Some recent photos...

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Special Olympics

Chairman: Dave Bruno
    Below are pictures of the volunteers from our council who served up a fabulous dinner for the participants. Great support from our Knights and their families!!!

    2016-olympics-1 (57K)

    2016-olympics-2 (51K)
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Annual Time and Talent Weekend

Chairman: GK Buck Brownell and PGK Andy Bair
During a special weekend, council Knights staff a table following each Mass to discuss our order with interested parishioners. The team explains our mission, benefits of being a Brother Knight and significant accomplishments of our council since our inception. Form 100's are available for all those seeking to join our worthy cause.
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Veterans Dinner

Chairman: Wayne Lombardo (needs a co-chair for 2017)
This is our annual dinner to honor local veterans. Each year the SJA Council honors the parish veteran's with a special dinner. All net proceeds from this dinner are deposited into a fenced savings account for the purpose of erecting a local veteran's memorial on church grounds at some future date to be determined in the pastor's development plan for the parish.

This event is very popular in the life of the parish and has grown in attendance every year. In the past it has been planned and executed by a committee of one person, Brother Wayne Lombardo with assistance from his family. Due to the tremendous growth of this program, a committee has been formed to assist Wayne in the preparations for this most popular and enjoyable event. If you would like to assist Brother Wayne, please contact him before or after each Council business meeting.
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West Virginia Outreach Project

Chairmen: Dennis Atkins, Paul Beni and Doug Dyckman
Our council iis proud to offer assistance to those in need via the new "Community Outreach Project". This annual project is planned as a work trip in the fall of each year to Council 3232 in Montgomery WV. Our goal is to complete work in the Rectory, church and grounds. Over a dozen Brothers from our Council take part in this adventure.

If you would like to accompany these hard working gentlemen, please contact any of the individuals listed above or the GK or DGK.
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Wheelchair Program

Chairmen: Open
This program was established to assist SJA parishioners who need the mobility of a wheelchair but are unable to obtain one on their own. Thus, the chairs are available free of charge to any member of Saint John's parish who cannot afford one.

All wheelchairs remain the property of our council and are returned to the council after the recipient has no further use of them. Since these chairs will be on a loner basis, the person receiving the chair will be asked to sign a waiver holding Council 13467 and the Knights of Columbus in general, harmless in the event of causality.
Currently we have 6 manual wheelchairs available for loan and occasionally a 'few' FREE walkers.

Donated items are cleaned and checked for safety prior to being released through the program. To maintain the success of this worthy program we need your help. Assistance can be any volunteer from our council who is willing and able to donate useable chairs, and/or to clean or perform simple repairs to donated chairs.

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World Day of Prayer for Peace

Chairmen: Dave Bruno
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Submitting your Final Activity Report

Activity Reports
    In order to accurately record key information on each event/program we sponsor, all Program Directors or Event Coordinators are required to submit an Activity Report ...(sometimes refered to as an "After Action Report") as soon as the event concludes. The form can be found here. Download the PDF form, complete it and provide it to the Grand Knight and Executive Secretary

Written Report for Business Meetings
    Please provide written copies of your reports for each business meeting via email to the Recorder If possible this would be best done in advance. If not in advance, please submit to him by Friday of the week of the Tuesday business meeting. This facilitates much easier, faster, and more accurate compilation of the minutes. Also, please carbon copy as well as the Program Director for your event. (Their email addresses can be found here.)

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Program Funding

    If you are heading a program or event that needs funding from this years budget. Please complete the proper forms and submit them to the Grand Knight prior to your event. The necessary forms can be found on the "Forms and Documents" page.
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