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In Service to One...
In Service to All

Prayer Vigil

Prayer Intentions


    Perpetual Intentions

    All active duty troops
    For Vocations and for all Religious Rev. Fr. Robert Cole, Deacon Vern, Deacon Joe, Deacon Vince, Deacon Chris, and Rev Fr. Matt Kiehl and Seminarian Kyle O'Connor
    Fr. Rob's Mother - Mari Anne Michie
    Deceased Brother Knights: Rev. Fr. Richardson, Rev. Fr. Paul Gaughn, Rev Fr. Ready, Zack Bell, Bob Labuda, Ted Pilon, Dick Pully, Brian Fitzgerald, Steve Magula, Bill Dempsey, Carl Ranno, Jim Hartigan, Mac McGonegle, Ray Guemic, Ron Robinson, Charlie Kelly, Dick Watervall, Manny Defiguelredo, Bill McNulty, Joe DeliaVecchlo, Ralph Laucella, Anthony Hill
    and for their widows and families
    For Christians being martyred, persecuted, & displaced in the Middle East
    Special Intentions for our Ladies Sierra Avery, Brooke Owens, Judy Cassidy, Adele Cassidy, Josette Abi-Nader, Katie Brownell, Adele Cashman, Julie Dyckman, Alice Fiorito, Catherine Kummers, Virginia Mayette
    For our brother Knights and their Families Tony Reade, Doug Dyckman, Bill and Noah Reichert, Ray and Jane Hart, Richard Sanchez, Bob and June Cleary, Dennis and Pat Essay, Phil and Joan O'Hara, Sheb Abi-Nader, Ray Fertucci, T J. Bogan, Bill Davis, Dick Esau, Rob Candler, Jack Cassidy Sr. and Jr., Roy and Josephine Alther, Mike Walsh, Nieves Mender, Steve LaPorta Sr., Phil DiBiccari, Pat McCune

Recently Deceased Brothers or Immediate Family Members

cross-med Please include the following in your prayers.   (Announcements will remain here for one month.}

Steven Balog
With heart most sympathy, our prayers go out for the family Steve Balog, father of Brother Mike Balog. May he rest in the eternal peace and love of the Lord.

Christina Perry Boone Milligan
It is with a truly saddened heart that we say goodbye to Christina Perry Boone Milligan, daughter of Brother Sir Knight Peter Perry and wife Margo. May she rest in the eternal peace and love of the Lord. Christina passed away peacefully on Sunday, February 12, 2017, surrounded by her family.

John Brownell
It is with deep sorrow that we report that Deputy Grand Knight David "Buck" Brownell lost his dad John Brownell on January 9, 2017. Brother John was himself a member of the Knights of Columbus in Cypress Gardens, FL. May we all pray for the soul of Brother John and his son and fellow Brother Knight, DGK Buck Brownell and his family.

Virginia Mayette
Brother Patrick Mayette lost his mother on January 11, 2017, may she rest in eternal peace with our Lord & Savior. Please extend a prayer for the dearly departed Virginia Mayette and Patrick's family.

Anthony "Tony" Hill
It is with a heavy heart and profound sadness that I tell you Brother Knight, Anthony "Tony" Hill, son of Brother Art Hill died on Friday, December 30th. Tony was on his way to a job site when the car he was riding in was involved in a fatal accident which took the life of Tony. The passing of Anthony Hill was tragic, he was and will always be remembered by the church, his fellow Knights, and the community for his charity and his selfless giving of his time to anyone in need. Please keep Tony's fiancee' Chelsea Hubbard and parents Art and Renee Hill in your prayers.

Do you know of any member of our Knights’ Family who is sick, in distress, needing our prayers and/or other help? If so, please contact

Pray for our Brothers in need, and visit them as often as possible.



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