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Members Page

This center section of this page contains current topics that are important to our members and changes frequently. The right column contains an "Page Index" to these sections while the "Quick Links" portion provides a quick way to access other pages of interest to members. Feel free to explore - there's lots to see, read and learn.

Minutes from past Business Meetings

Posted each month by the Recorder
Missed a meeting?
If you missed a previous meeting or would like to refresh your memory on one you attended, we have all the past minutes posted for your review. Click here to read the minutes.

NOTE:  For your protection
These minutes are intended for Council 13467 members only and are password protected.

If you are a member in good standing of Council 13467 and need the password, please contact the Grand Knight or Deputy Grand Knight.

Their email addresses are available here.

New Knight Welcome Package

Following their 1st Degree ceremony, each new Knight joining our council is presented with a printed copy of our councils version of a welcome package. If any current member desires one of their own, we have placed the PDF file of the complete package that may be downloaded (and printed if desired).

To obtain yours, click on the "Forms and Documents" link in the left navigation panel and look for the "New Member Welcome Package".


Council Merchandise

A selection of council related shirts, hats, aprons, jerseys and jackets are available for purchase. Please click here to go to the ""council store"" to see these items and download the order form.

By-Laws and Resolutions

Posted by: Rules Committee
In order to keep our members up-to-date on all rules and regulations, we have included an online version of these documents. The page also lists the current status of each resolution showing all actions taken on each item.

To read the rules and regulations, please click here


Posted by: Brothers of Council 13467

In solemn memory of our fallen Brothers, we honor them with these thoughts.

The link can be found to the right under the "Quick Links" section, or by simply clicking here.

Photo Albums

Frequently, we capture special moments for posterity. We think you'll enjoy perusing through our many event albums.

The link can be found to the right under the "Quick Links" section, or by simply clicking here.

Submitting Nominees for Knight/Family of the Month

Posted: Grand Knight
If you know of a worthy Knight who is deserving of this award, please contact the Grand Knight or Deputy Grand Knight .

Also, if you are aware of a family who is deserving of recognition, please forward the nominees as well. Be mindful that the family award is just that - a FAMILY award. Include the contributions of the spouses as well as the Knights, they are part of the award, not just the Knight. And, don't forget the assistance of any other family members as well.

For your convenience, we have a link to both forms to make it easy on you. See the next to last entry on this page.

On the forms page you will now find 2 forms for the Knight and/or Family of the month. If you would like to nominate someone deserving, please download, complete the forms and bring them to the next meeting.

Ok, lets go to the Forms Page

Special KofC License Plates

If you are due to renew your vehicles licesnse plate, then drop over to the Virginia DMV and place your order for a specialty plate hosting the Knights Logo. It only costs an additional $10.00 for this plate and lets everyone know you support our order.

So long as your vehicle is eligible for online renewal, you may use this secure site to facilitate the process. You will need your title number and last 4 digits of your VIN number before proceeding.

Here's the link to order your plate. Virginia DMV

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Posted by: Chancellor: Buck Brownell/PGK Jim Henry
We have created two social media accounts for the use and enjoyment of our members and guests. A permanent link now appears at the top of the right column of this page. Enjoy.


Please contact the Grand Knight or Deputy Grand Knight . to inform them of any change to your address or phone numbers. Communicating with our Brothers is extremely important.

AND - make sure your family members know how to get in touch with us should anything happen to you.

Receiving eMail Notifications

Are you NOT receiving any emails from the GK?

Then he needs your email address!

If you have not been receiving regular emails from the Grand Knight, we ask that you please contact the Grand Knight or Deputy Grand Knight .

so that your address can be entered or corrected in the Council Adress Book. We still have a few incorrect email adrdess.

Additionally, you may have to modify your SPAM filter settings and change/add the email adresses of Grand Knight and Executive Secretary.

Dress Code

All attendees are reminded of the dress code for Council events. Formal attire (shirt, tie and coat) is appropriate for all degree ceremonies and state events. Council attire (council shirts and jerseys) are considered appropriate for business meetings. Social meetings are casual dress or council attire unless other specifically stated. Council attire is appropriate for officer meetings while all officers are to wear a coat and tie to all council meetings. If you are attending one of the degree ceremonies the appropriate attire is a coat and tie.

Everyone - please remember to wear your name tag to all events including Sunday mass.

Pray the Rosary With Us

Don't forget - the Rosary is prayed at 7:00pm before each of our monthly business meetings. Won't you join us?

For your convenience, we have a special page dedicated to saying the Rosary. To refresh memories or simply to serve as a guide click here to Pray the Rosary.

Here's a superb OnLine" rosary site. Definately a MUST experience!

Prayer Vigil

Do you know of any member of our Knights’ Family who is sick, in distress, needing our prayers and/or other help? If so, please contact

To view the recent prayer requests please   click here. .   
(Announcements will remain here for one month.}

Pray for our Brothers in need, and visit them as often as possible.

First Degree Team

Our outstanding 1st degree team would like to build up to a "2-deep" level in all positions. If you would like to more information on the teams and their duties, please contact .

Assistance with Degree setup/take down

Speaking of the degree teams, they could use a little extra manpower to help set up the chairs, tables, flags, etc before each degree ceremony. Also, putting everything back in place.

If you can see it in your heart to help the teams prepare the room, plan on arriving about 30 - 45 minutes before each degree ceremony. Check the calendar for locations and start times, and thanks in advance.

Getting Involved

Program directors do a terrific job in developing and bringing quality programs to our members and parishioners. But they can't do it alone. If you have any ideas for future programs/events or would like to help in some capacity, please contact the Grand Knight or Deputy Grand Knight .



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