Knights of Columbus...Council 13467                                      P.O. Box 6793

St. John the Apostle: Virginia Beach, Va.                                  Va. Beach, Va. 23456

In Service to One...
In Service to All

Council 13467 Past Grand Knights

These gentlemen have proudly lead our council.


Dave Smith, 2004-05
Charter Grand Knight

Dennis Atkins, 2005-06

Mel Pritchard, 2006-07

Manny Ramos, 2007-08

Vince Kapral, 2008-09

Tony Reade, 2009-10

Brett Bell, 2010-11

Jim Henry, 2011-12

Joe Connelly, 2012-13

Steve Randolph, 2013

Mike Lemoine, 2013-14-15
Ted Quinter, 2015-16
Andy Bair, 2016-17
Buck Brownell, 2017-18



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