Knights of Columbus...Council 13467                                      P.O. Box 6793

St. John the Apostle: Virginia Beach, Va.                                  Va. Beach, Va. 23456

In Service to One...
In Service to All

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Grand Knight:
Deputy Grand Knight
Inside Guard
Outside Guard
Trustee 3 Years:
Trustee 2 Year:
Trustee 1 Year
Financial Secretary
Executive Secretary Open Position


Program Directors

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General Programs Director:

Membership Director:
     Admissions Committee Chairman:
     Welcoming Committee Chairman: (Open position)
     Retention Committee Chairman:
     Rules & ByLaws Committee Chairman:

Church Director:
     5th Sunday Rosary Chairman:
     Fr. McGivney Guild Chairman: (Open position - New program)
     Holy Family Prayer Program Chairman: (Open position - Current program)
     KCIC Chairman:
     Vocations Program Chairman:
     Quarterly Corporate Communion Chairman: (Open position - Current program)
     RCIA & 1st Communiion Rosaries Chairman: (Open position - Current program))
     Silver Rose Program Chairman: (Open position - NEW program)

Community Director:
     Beach House Clothing Drive Chairman:
     Boxtops for Education Chairman:
     Habitat for Humanity Chairman: (Open position - NEW program)
     Retire the Flag with Dignity Chairman:
     Shoe Recycling Program Chairman: (Open position - New program)
     SPCA Support Chairman:
     Veterans Dinner Chairman: (Open position - Current program)
     Wheelchair Program Chairman: (Open position - Current program)
     World Day of Prayer for Peace Chairman: (Open position - NEW program)

Council Director: (Open position - Current program)
     Bereavement Program Chairman:
     Breakfast Co-Chairmen:   and  
     Council Newsletter Chairman: (Open position - NEW program)
     Immunization Program Chairman:
     Special Olympics Chairman:
     KOVAR Chairman:
     Parish Blood Drive Chairman:
     Public Relations Chairman:
     Valentines Dinner/Dance Chairman: (Open position - Current program))

Culture of Life Director:
     March for Life Chairman:
     40 Days for Life Vigil Chairman:
     Annual Baby Bottle Drive Chairman: (Open position - Current program)
     Annual Baby Shower Program Chairman:
     Annual Diaper Bank Drive Chairman: (Open position - NEW program)
     Day of Prayer for Unborn Child Chairman: (Open position - NEW program)
     Tree of Life Baby Shower Chairman: (Open position - NEW program)

Family Director:
     Adopt a Family for Christmas Chairman:
     Adult Christmas Party Chairman: (Open position - Current program)
     Childrens Christmas Party Chairman:
     Food for Families Program Chairman:
     Family Movie Night Chairman: (Open position - Current program)
     Knights Nite Out Chairman:
     Parish Family Picnic Chairman:

Youth Director:
     Altar Server Recognition Program Chairman: (Open position - Current program)
     Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest Chairman: (Open position - Current program)
     Coats for Kids Chairman: (Open position - Current program)
     Free Throw Championship Chairman:
     KCIC Poster Contest Chairman:
     Soccer Challange Chairman: (Open position - Current program)
     Substance Abuse Poster Contest Chairman:

Council Photographer: Open position




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