Annual Council Calendar

calendar image    This is the full annual calendar for our council. Events are updated and/or added regularly throughout the year, so check back often.


Grand Knights 2022-2023 Message

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   Calling All Brothers to Service

With nearly 300 members on the roster we should have more Brothers attending and participating. We would ask that each active member call two inactive members and invite them to participate. The DGK has a list of names and numbers so get with him as soon as you can and encourage these Brothers to become more active. All it takes is a friendly invitation to turn things around.


Awards and Presentations

award Congratulations to these recepients:


Knight of the Month -
   Mike Brandwein

Family of the Month -
   Shawn and Jen Scharf

If you would like to nominate a Knight or Family for one of these awards, an easy to use form is available here.

Knight of the Month Knight of the Month
Family of the Month Family of the Month

Additional Awards

PGK Sheb Abi Nadr accepts his award for "Charity, Unity and Faith" from GK Pat Mayette.

Seminarian Support

prayer-list-t Our council is continuing its support for 3 seminarians as they continue their studies toward ordination.
crosshndptr1 Please pray for their continued success.crosshndptr2
Christopher Weyer
Charley Palmer
Charlie Tamayo