Fellow Brothers of 13467,
We weathered the storm! Last year was challenging, but we did it. Guess what? We came out of it a stronger council and better Knights. I for one, instead of cursing the covid, used it as a personal development and looking out for my wellbeing and taking stock of my priorities.

Welcome to the new fraternal year. While charity is our utmost importance, the theme of this year is going to be fraternity and fellowship. I look forward to being together again. Our meetings will be returning to the school, and I hope to bring the monthly breakfasts back in September.

We had our first Knight's Night Out in May at New Realm Brewery. It was well attended by brothers and their families yearning to get together and we were pleased to have two widows join us.

Speaking of widows. We have begun an Initiative to assist our widows under the leadership of PGK Jack Shick. We will offer any assistance they need while notifying and including them in our social activities.

Yes, gentlemen it is a whole new year. A year filled with endless possibilities. I hope you share my optimism, This month, I challenge you to meditate on the excitement, and desire to roll up our sleeves. As we always say if you are not having fun doing it, you are doing it all wrong.
But those who hope in the LORD will renew their devoted to our Blessed Mother, I challenge you to strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; assist your council in implementing the Faith in they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31
Shawn J Hutchings, PFN, Grand Knight

Annual Council Calendar

calendar image    This is the full annual calendar for our council. Events are updated and/or added regularly throughout the year, so check back often.

Breakfast Support

breakfast By now you have the heard the great news that our monthly parish breakfast is back. Advertising has started. Paul West has commenced the preparations, bur this is going to take a great effort.

    We need the following:
  • Cooks
  • Line Attendants
  • Dish Room
  • Cafeteria support
  • clean up
We need people from 6 am until about 2pm. If you can stay the whole time that would be awesome. If you're only able for part of the time that is great too. Please reach out to if you can assist.

Lets bring back the excellence that was the parish breakfast.


Awards and Presentations

award Congratulations to these recepients:


Knight of the Month -
   Paul Linberg

Family of the Month -
   Gary and Carmella Klepke


New Committee

widow-weep New "Widows Committee" has been formed to provide support for the widows of our fallen Brothers.

If interested please contact ...


New Committee

party-1 New "Fundraising Committee" has been formed to investigate new ways to support our council activities. If interested please contact PGK Jim Henry.


Seminarian Support

prayer-list-t Our council is continuing its support for 3 seminarians as they continue their studies toward ordination.
crosshndptr1 Please pray for their continued success.crosshndptr2
Christopher Weyer
Charley Palmer
Charlie Tamayo


Insurance by Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus offers a complete portfolio of top-quality products to our members and their eligible family members.

  • Permanent Life Insurance - Insure Your Life for Life
  • Term Life Insurance - Affordable Protection for Temporary Needs
  • Retirement Annuities - Guarantee a Paycheck for the Rest of Your Life.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance - Protect Your Assets. Prepare for the Future.
  • Disability Income Insurance - Shield Your Income from Illness and Injury

Contact our local Field Agent:
r_hand   SK Ben Salazar

Office: 757-495-1492      Cell: 757-339-3299
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