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Pungo Strawberry Festival Parking Project

Posted by: GK Jack Shick, Chairman:Mike Lemoine
The following is from Mike Lemoine concerning where we are as far as volunteers are concerned. PLEASE consider filling some of these slots, even if you are already committed during other times.

Brothers, Ladies, and High School Age Children
We are still in need of your help to staff the SJA Knights Strawberry Festival parking effort over Memorial Day weekend. We are in need of volunteers for the following times and positions.
Please go to, Sign Up Genius, to volunteer.

Current Openings:

11:00 Saturday May 25:(1 Money Collector, 2 Parking Directors, 1 Departure Director)
2:30 Saturday May 25:(1 Money Collector, 2 Parking Directors, 3 Departure Directors, 1 Money Counter)
7:30 Sunday May 26:(1 Parking Director)
11:00 Sunday May 26:(1 Money Collector, 1 Parking Directors, 2 Departure Directors, 1 Money Counter)
2:30 Sunday may 26:(2 Money Collectors, 2 Parking Directors, 3 Departure Directors, 1 Money Counter, 1 Arrival Director)
Take a few hours of your holiday weekend to help with this Council activity that allows us to meet our Charitable commitments and goals. Remember wives and high school age children are also able to assist! Charity is the 1st order of our order and this is an excellent way to contribute and help our Council. Please help! Thank you!

Young Man and Young Woman Awards

Our nominations are due to the State Program Director by the State Quarterly Meeting on March 2nd. I have talked with John Domingo and the new Youth Director and have come up empty. If anyone knows of a young person in our Parish (18 or younger) that would meet this requirement, PLEASE let me know. I have attached a copy of the nomination form for your perusal. I will do the leg work. I just need to know who to do the leg work for. Everybody that is in some way involved with the youth programs in the Parish(i.e. Scouts, Choir, Confirmation, etc.) please take a moment and think about this and point me in a direction.

Download the nomination form here    r_hand Nomination FormPDF file   then submit your nominee(s) to   r_hand

Parish Blood Drive

St. John the Apostle Council 13467 is once again sponsoring a Parish Blood Drive on Saturday February 16th from 9:00AM - 2:00PM located in Activity Rooms A & B

Schedule your appointment now at r_hand Red Cross Organization

Sponsor Code: SJAC

Sign-ups after Masses will begin February 2, 2019

Contact   r_hand for additional information or scheduling assistance.


Knights Nite Out

Chairman: Carl Koonce
Each month Brothers and their families gather on the 3rd Tuesday in an informal, casual manner to enjoy an evening of comradery over good food. Our gathering place changes monthly and is always local.

This month we will gather at
Jose Tequilla
located at 2101 McComas Way, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 . (see the map below)

To make sure the resturant has adequate seating for our group we need to provide a head count prior to the event. Please RSVP   r_hand (1K)      with the number of guests you will be bringing NOT LATER THAN SATURDAY prior to the dinner.


Awards, Degrees and Presentations

It is with great pleasure that St. John the Apostle (SJA) Council 13467 welcomes two new members to the Order, Arthur T. Sanchez and Michael A. Brandwein. Both men completed the Initiation and Formation Degrees on 22 January 2019 at exemplifications conducted by the SJA Council 13467 Degree Team at the St. John the Apostle facility, Virginia Beach, VA.


GK Jack Shick presents Art Hill with the "Family of the Month" for February.


GK Jack Shick presents Mike Walsh with the "Knight of the Month" for February.


GK Jack Shick presents PGK Mike Lemoine with the "First Degree Honoree" for January.


FA Ben Salazar addresses the members at the February meeting.



Posted by: GK Jack Shick

The council received the following communications this month.

  • Grand Knight acknowledged a letter from "Hope for Life"

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