Special Programs

St. John the Apostle Council




The following programs are "general" in nature and don't normally fall under the standard grouping guidelines.

2023-2024 Slate of Officers

Once again our council will consider and vote on a new slate of Officers for the coming fraternal year.

eyeglasses-4 Slate of Officers

KOVAR Collection

TootsieRollMan Chairman: Pete Frothingham
I appeal for your assistance in dispensing tootsie rolls and collecting donations for KOVAR at our Red Mill ABC Store fundraising opportunity March 1-12, 2023. Its a rewarding (and fun) time. You won't regret it.

Even as we emerge from the worst of the pandemic, we as a Council are challenged in our abilities to raise funds for Knights of Virginia Assisting People with Intellectual Disabilities (KOVAR). We are starting to rebuild our fundraising opportunities, but we need your help. We need to kick off our 2022-23 drive with a bang.

Please use the link for Sign up Genius or sign up at the August or September Membership meeting.

Remember until the pandemic struck, KOVAR was the second largest contributor to assisting those with intellectual disabilities in Virginia next to the Commonwealth of Virginia. All funds collected were and are applied to the intellectually disabled. Text me if you have any questions. Thanks to you all

2023 Polar Plunge

Chairman: PGK Jim Henry
My Brothers all,
GK Patrick asked me to put together some info on the Polar Plunge. Hopefully this will encourage some of you to Plunge with us. At the least, we hope it will encourage you to support those of us who will Plunge.

First, why do we Plunge? We do it to help support athletic activities for over 18,000 Virginia Special Olympians! Last year's Plunge raised over $1.1 million.

So how does plunging work?
Is it cold? Yeah, but a lot depends on the year. Some years the air temp hovered around freezing; those years were bad! Last year the wind speed and direction really kicked up the surf, and lowered the wind chill, so it was pretty miserable. But it was worth it to support Special Olympics.

As soon as possible, register for the plunge and start getting donations. Share your fundraising page on Facebook or other social media, tell all your family and friends. See the websites below for registration info. Figure out your plunging attire. I go into the water in gym shorts, KofC tshirt over a thinsulate shirt, KofC ballcap. A lot of us have the blue 1882 ball cap and grey 1882 tshirt. Over all that I wear wind pants, a heavy sweatshirt, sneakers, gloves as required! I carry a gym bag with a couple towels-good for storing what you take off before going into the water.

On the day of the Plunge, go to the Hilton Oceanfront Hotel (3001 Atlantic Ave) to check in, get your number and any other incentives your fundraising qualified you for. Stop by the State KofC room-there will be a check presentation, group photo, likely some water/sodas and snacks available. Go down to the boardwalk, get a free coffee/hot chocolate from the Wawa truck, visit the vendors, etc. in the main tent.

Find a spot outside the Plunge area (best with other Knights) to leave your bag/towel. Strip down to your going into the water attire. Head into the Plunge area. They will check to make sure you've got your number. Wait for the go signal!

Join the rush to the water. There will be a line of rescue swimmers marking the boundary of the plunge area. Go out and high five them! On the way back in, fully immerse yourself!! (Actually, do whatever you are comfortable doing. Some just stick a toe in. No judgements from me!) We may try for a "still wet" group photo, if so, find the other Knights. Find your bag, dry off a bit, put on a sweatshirt. Get up to the boardwalk area and find a spot to get as much sand off your feet as you can before putting socks & shoes back on. Go back to the KofC room to warm up-you'll want to regain feeling in your feet before you try to drive home! That also lets some of the traffic get out of the parking garage!

Once you have feeling back in your toes, head for home, take a nice hot shower, relax and know that the few minutes of suffering you've just experienced was for a great cause!

Don't feel up to plunging? You can run. There is a 5K Run/Waddle to kick-off Polar Plunge weekend on Friday, Feb. 3 at 7pm.

Parish Breakfast

Chairman: Paul West

Breakfast is BACK!

Our popular Sunday Btreakfast returned in September 2021.

Third Sunday of Every Month,
8:30am to 12:30

laughing-green-pen Since we paused the monthly breakfasts a lot has changed. Mainly food prices and availabilty have impacted what we can offer. Unfortunately we have been forced to restructure the price of the breakfast.

The adjusted price is set as $7.00 for ages 8 and up, Children 7 and under eat free as do parishioners over 80.

Come join us for a great breakfast and fellowship in the SJA School Cafeteria
- or -
lend a hand in the kitchen or dining room to help make it all happen.


Your SJA Knights of Columbus Council has changed the Parish Breakfast to include PANCAKES that started with the September Breakfast. The Breakfast in September was a HUGE success with the introduction of pancakes to their menu lineup. You are invited to come out and enjoy the next breakfast when pancakes will again be served with all the fixings!!!

The cost is only $6 and those under 6 and over 80 eat free! Breakfast will be served from 8 am until around 12:30 pm.

  • Pancakes
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Bacon and sausage
  • Tater tots
  • Biscuits/gravy
  • Juice, coffee, hot tea
  • Donuts, fruit cocktail
  • and Friendship!
  • Bring your appetite, family, and friends.

    Poor Clares Support

    Chairman: Pat Mayette poor clares

    This special project involves providing support to the cloistered Sisters located at the Bethlehem Monastary. These projects involve simple maintenance of the grounds and some light structural work on the interior such as painting, replacing deteriated wood trim, etc. The majority of these projects are primarily "handyman" type.

    If you would like to join Brother Pat on one or more of these day trips please sign up by emailing him at   r_hand

    Christmas Gift Collection

    The SJA Knights Council 13467 will do a collection of new goods for the Poor Clares for Christmas again this year before and after the 0915 Mass on Sunday December 11th at St. John the Apostle Catholic Church. If you cannot make this time for drop-off, please contact me directly and we can make arrangements otherwise.

      Here are some suggestions of items to donate:
    • Some thin, single size mattresses/toppers for their infirmed Sisters
    • Taper candles - some red and some white (at least 2 dozen of each needed)
    • Flower supports/cages for the gardens. Some Sisters are in need of the square type (somewhat like a tomato cage) and other Sisters have requested the hoop style for heavily flowering bushes
    • A light-weight snow shovel or 2 (in case it snows)
    • Large Rubbermaid Style bins, with covers, for storage purposes
    • A small space heater (to heat a small room)
    • Blankets (Throws and quilts for lounging or their beds)
    • Sweaters (only colors appropriate for the Franciscans, black, brown, dark blue, or grey)
    • Warm Socks (only colors appropriate for the Franciscans, black, brown, dark blue, or grey)
    • Religious Books
    • Canned or Fresh Salmon or Tuna in water (while they eat primarily a vegetarian diet, they will indulge on occasion with fish)
    • Tea
    • Peanuts and/or Peanut Butter
    • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (apples, oranges, bananas, celery, carrots, potatoes, yams, etc.)
    • Cheese
    • Ingredients to make bread (IE: flour, yeast, etc.)
    • Basic seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder, parsley, rosemary, sage, etc.)
    • Daily use items (such as simple shampoo, simple body wash, tooth paste, paper products, feminine products, etc.)
    If you want to donate a check (made out to Bethlehem Monastery of the Poor Clares) or cash, please put it in an envelope with your name and address on the outside and I will include the envelope in the package to be delivered to the Poor Clares.

    Thank you all for your generous contributions of time, talent and resources and may God continue to bless you and your families this Advent and coming Christmas seasons.

    Merry Christmas,
    Patrick Mayette


    November Service Trip

    DGK: Pat Mayette

    Brothers Knights and YAM members,

    Out next service project trip to the Poor Clares Monastery is this Saturday, 05 November. We will meet at the entrance of the SLA school at 0715; consolidate rides, tools, and supplies; and leave at 0730 for the Monastery. It will take approximately 1.5 hours to drive to the Monastery. We will leave the Monastery between 1300 and 1530. However, if you need to leave earlier, no problem. Any of your family members 18 years old or older are welcome to join us on this service project trip.

    Please let me know, by Thursday 03 November, if you plan on attending and send me an e-mail with your cell phone number, so I can get in touch with you on the 5th if something comes up.

    Please contact   

    Mother Vicaress Therese and Sr. Jean Colette have a number of things they would like us to do on this trip including the following:

    • Continuing to remove underbrush and trees by Gazebo and cutting-up or chipping for mulch;
    • Repair the gazebo door and entrance walkway;
    • Clean and stain/seal the gazebo;
    • Painting in the interior of the monastery;
    • Continue to clean the trails; and
    • Any other projects that may come up.
    There will be something to do for everyone regardless of age and physical ability. If you have a chain saw, reciprocating saw, circular saw, drill, wood working tools, etc., please bring them. Please bring with you any yardwork tools you may have such as loppers, rakes, yard waste bags, etc.

    Additionally, one of our council members generously bought and is donating a chipper to the Poor Clares. We need someone with a truck to haul it up in the back of their truck. Towing it is not an option because you can’t tow it a speeds greater than 40 to 45MPH. So, if you have truck and are willing to haul it up to the Poor Clares, please let me know ASAP.

    Pictures are welcomed, however you need to be careful not to include the sisters in your pictures.

    Finally, please bring with you anything you may want to eat for lunch and water to drink throughout the day. Tic and bug spray is recommended. I suggest a change of clothes in case you want to stop off in Williamsburg on your way home for dinner.

    Thank you all for service to the Poor Clares. If you have any questions, please let me know.

    Vivat Jesus,
    Patrick Mayette


    February Fraternal Benefits Night

    GK Pat Mayette

    Great News, Bob Abbate just finalized their first multi-state virtual seminar which will be held February 23rd at 7PM. The subject for this seminar will be "Purpose Driven Retirement Strategies" . This is a tremendous opportunity for us as we continue looking for options to participate in a Fraternal Benefits Nights event. This event is sponsored and paid for by the Abbate Agency.

    Same rules apply:

    1. All Brothers are welcomed to attend this great event. In order for each council to get credit, they need to have in attendance a minimum of 7 men that can qualify to purchase life insurance products / ie new candidates and/or 7 associate members. Brothers, the key word is qualify.
    2. List items (2) Attendees need to register on line for the seminar. Yes, we can do this as a council/district event. Yes, we can watch the seminar as a council/district and share a beverage, food and fellowship. Yes, you need to complete the survey at the end of the seminar. That survey is your ticket to getting the credit. Remember, we need 7 participants to get credit for our Council. Surveys go to the Abbate Team and they will verify the data and council will get credit if they meet the requirement.
    3. (3) This event is already on the Abbate website. Link is https://purpose.abbatekofc.com

    4. Guys, this is huge. Let's make it happen. Our role in this is to advertise/promote this. Do your magic and get the word out throughout our parish. Drive this event.

      Please let WDGK Rob or me know if you are planning on participating and if you would like to get together to watch the virtual seminar.

      As always, thank you for your time, talents, and brotherhood. You guys are the best!

      Vivat Jesus,
      Patrick Mayette


    Basketball Free Throw Challange

    Chairman: Rob Banasiewicz
    We need volunteers to run our Free Throw Challenge on Saturday February 4th, 2023 in the SJA gym following the SJA Senior Boys Basketball game. The event will be from 5:30pm until 7:00pm.

    Luckily there is minimal set-up and clean-up, so show time is 5:15pm and we should be done shortly after 7:00pm. We need Knights to score and shag balls and two Knights to handle check-ins. It will take at least 10 to ensure we are fully manned for the crowd of kids we are expecting. We can have some of the volunteers show up after the 5pm Mass.

    Please RSVP to the Deputy Grand Knight at to be part of this very worthwhile effort.


    Council Fundraiser

    GK Pat Mayette
    Please help with our brand new fundraising campaign:

    “Spring Renewal Lawn Fertilizer”

    Many hands make the labor light. We need several people to step up and take on some of the activities listed below in order to make this campaign a success.

    Here’s what we need
      February - help us take orders before and after each Mass throughout the month
      March 3rd - help us at 5 pm to haul fertilizer bags to St John’s parking lot
      March 4th - we need Knights standing by beginning 8 am to assist customers with their lawn fertilizer bags pick up
    All Proceeds go to Knights of Columbus Council 13467 Charitable Outreaches. Sales open to All Parishioners. Take the time to register on the Sign-up Genius site and sign-up to help out on one or more of the time slots.

    You can sign-up for time slots at   


    Widows Committee

    Chairman: Jack Shick
    We are starting a new special committee called a Widows Committee.


    The purpose is to provide a check on the widows of our council.
    PGK Jack Shick has volunteered to chair this committee and is asking for a little help.

    If you are mature and retired, like Jack, and would like to help make monthly phone calls with him please let him know. Since we have 17 widows still living in the local area we could use 1 or 2 folks and break up the list among us.

    If you are not one of those "old guys", or even if you are, and would like to help us with whatever our widows seem to need from time to time please let him know that also. As PGK Tom Lundquist observed at our recent officer's meeting this effort gets us back to our roots and the original vision of our founder.

    Please contact    to be part of this very worthwhile effort.


    SPCA Support

    spca-support Thanks to everyone for their continued support!
    Remember, we are collecting empty pill bottles, toilet paper and paper towel rolls (the famous Novelli rolls!), towels, washcloths, and pet items are also always welcome. Long shredded paper (not cross cut) is also needed.

    Please bring any donations to a business meeting or breakfast. Honor the memory of Brother Jim by helping his namesake project!


    Retire the Flag with Dignity

    Chairman: John Kummers flagpoleimages

    If you have a flag that has been flown and is now showing its age, please donate it to John Kummers at any business meeting. John will ensure that the flag will be properly disposed of in accordance with standard guidelines.


    Bereavement Committee

    praying-hands1 Chairman: Pete Perry

      This committee handles all aspects of recognizing the family of our fallen brothers.


    4th-degree-logo    Assembly 1505 News and Notes

     Assembly Corporate Communion
    Posted by:   FN Ted Quinter

    As a follow-up reminder, all Sir Knights and their families are invited to attend an Assembly Corporate Communion on next Sunday September 18 at 9:15 AM Mass at Saint John the Apostle Catholic Church. Members and their families will all sit together.

    Since this is a Fourth-Degree function, the dress will be the Official Regalia Dress - Social Uniform, or the Social Dress Uniform. The Social Dress uniform consists of a dark suit, with a white shirt, dark tie, black shoes and sock and the social baldric worn over the tie. Members are encouraged to wear the medals of their current office, and their miniature medals of previous offices held.

    Please plan on arriving by 9:00 AM or so, in order that all can be seated NLT 9:10. There will be reserved seating for all those Sir Knights and their family members who RSVP to me via "Reply" to this or the first email invitation not later that Thursday September 15 so that adequate seats may be reserved with the church office.

    The monthly no host parish breakfast is being served in the school cafeteria following the Mass.

     USO Warrior Golf Classic
    Posted by:   FN Ted Quinter

    The USO Warrior Golf Classic is sponsored by the Assembly to support the USO of Hampton Roads and is scheduled for 12:00 noon on October 7 at Sewells Point GC.

    We need 80 golfers (20 foursomes) to sign up immediately to fill the tournament field and maximize our donation to the USO-HRCV. If you golf, consider getting three mates and registering to play. If you can't play for some reason or don't golf, PLEASE TALK to EVERYONE you know or see and invite them to register and play.

    Registration and payment may be easily accomplished at the tournament website which can be found at: https://birdease.com/2022USOWarriorClassic. Please give this web address to all your friends and family and invite them to register to play on October 7th so we can have a full field.

    Thank you all for your help.

     Monthly Assembly Meetings
    Posted by:   FN Ted Quinter

    The monthly assembly meetings are normlly held on the 4th Wednesday of each month in the Assembly hall. Meetings start at 7:30pm. All Brothers are encouraged to wear your assembly shirt/jersey and name tag.